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Ottawa Murder & Homicide Criminal LawyersAn ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, goes the saying. We often become involved in criminal law matters before charges are even laid. We are experienced at guiding a client, delicately and discreetly, through police investigations. In countless cases, we have been successful in ensuring that criminal charges are never even laid.

Our long-standing relationship with police agencies and senior investigators allow us to explore avenues of resolution that may not be otherwise available. We review investigative material, counsel and advise our clients and negotiate with police authorities and Crown Attorneys – all at the investigative stage.

Many people simply cannot afford to bear the stigma that comes along with a formal criminal charge – be it for personal, professional or reputational reasons. We can intercede at the earliest possible stage and determine whether or not criminal charges can be avoided.

A powerful defence for murder charges in Ottawa

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