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The lawyers at Friedman Mansour LLP believe that a high-quality, tenacious defence of your rights should not be a privilege reserved for the rich and famous. If you are charged with a serious criminal offence in Ottawa, or elsewhere, our firm will provide you with experienced legal advice and representation. We are committed to justice for all.

If you are charged with an offence, or are under criminal investigation, you need representation. Experienced counsel can be the difference between a criminal record — or even jail time — and being able to resume your normal life. We will also work with you to make your defence affordable. Let us make the difference as we fight for you.


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Certainty and predictability give you peace of mind. You receive professional, effective legal defence for even the most complex criminal trials, at a price you can afford.


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We are available 24/7 for emergencies. Call, text, email, or chat with us at anytime. We are always at your disposal to support and assist you with regard to your legal issues.

Protect your rights and freedom with an experienced criminal defence lawyer

Regardless of the crime or the weight of evidence against you, everyone has a right to a defence in a criminal case. You are innocent until proven guilty in Canada. A robust defence is often the difference between a possible prison sentence with a lifelong criminal record — and case dismissal or acquittal. The outcome will be determined partly by the skills and experience of your criminal defence lawyer.

We believe that a high-quality, tenacious defence of your rights should not be the privilege of the few. Nobody budgets for high legal fees, and a strong defence should be available to everyone charged with a crime. We follow this philosophy for every case, preparing the strongest defence possible based upon your unique circumstances coupled with our extensive experience within the Ottawa legal system.

Our Practice Areas

Impaired Driving

Don’t end up with a criminal record for one honest mistake. We defend everything from breath test refusal to dangerous driving and over 80 charges.

Violent Crimes

A mistake in the heat of the moment can change your life forever. We provide experienced counsel and prepare the best possible defence if you’re accused of violent crime.

Drug Charges

If you’ve been arrested on suspicion of drug possession, drug production or drug trafficking, experienced representation is critical. We can defend you.

Firearm Charges

Firearms and weapons offences are a very technical area of law. Our experienced attorneys understand how to defend your name and prevent unnecessary jail time.

Fraud & White Collar Crimes

Criminal fraud and other white-collar offences can be complex. A powerful defence from our white-collar crime lawyers can help prevent unnecessary jail time.

Sex Crimes

Whether you’ve been charged with sexual assault, voyeurism, or another sex crime, you are innocent until proven guilty. We’ll prepare the defence you’re entitled to.

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Solomon Friedman

Solomon Friedman


Fady Mansour

Fady Mansour


Vanessa Garcia

Vanessa Garcia



Experienced Advice

With over 60 years of combined criminal defence experience between us, you can feel confident of receiving experienced counsel for the best way forward.


Top Quality Defence

Mistakes in your defence can lead to lifelong consequences. We’ll make sure you get a top-quality defence that gives you the best chance of clearing your name.

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